Concurrent Presentation

Care of Souls

Tending the Soul of the Wounded Warrior

Course #: 2-B

Clinical experiences while working with deeply wounded war veterans will be shared. Questions will be raised and a discussion encouraged. For professionals, the countertransference issues loom large. For example, how does one hold onto affective resonance requiring attunement to the other when there are ethical differences? How do we sustain difference between the patient’s needs and the therapist’s needs but still remain in attunement?

Jane Kepner, MDiv, PhD, is a Jungian Analyst trained at the Zurich Institute in Kusnacht. She is a licensed psychologist and practices out of her home on a mountain above the village of White Salmon, Washington. She cares for the surrounding forest and wildlife and gives thanks each day for a wonderful well, and the teeming, beautiful Earth.