Concurrent Presentation

Care of Souls

Contemplative Consultation: Enhancing Consultation & Psychotherapy with Contemplative Listening

Elisabeth Esmiol Wilson

Lina Ponder

Course #: 1-C

This seminar will explore how contemplative listening may be utilized in consultation and psychotherapy. A Contemplative Consultation model will be outlined. Transcripts will be provided that illustrate a range of skills that can be applied to facilitate growth and resolution of clients’ early childhood, marital, and spiritual issues and struggles.

Dr. Elisabeth Esmiol Wilson is an Associate Professor at Pacific Lutheran University. Her interests focus on client feedback into treatment and couples (experiences of gender, power and spirituality, and sexual issues). Dr. Wilson provides psychotherapy and spiritual direction in private practice.

Dr. Lina Ponder is a licensed psychologist, spiritual director, and a psychoanalytic candidate in private practice. She is also an adjunct professor at a seminary. Her interests include: integration of psychology/Christian spirituality, psychoanalysis, infant and maternal mental health, and Ignatian spirituality.