Concurrent Presentation

Care of Souls

Care of Souls

Tending the Soul of the Wounded Warrior

Course #: 2-B

Clinical experiences while working with deeply wounded war veterans will be shared. Questions will be raised and a discussion encouraged. For professionals, the countertransference issues loom large. For example, how does one hold onto affective resonance requiring… Continue reading

Redeeming the Exiled Feminine Soul

Silvia Behrend

Course #: 2-C

We will explore the archetypal field of the exiled feminine through narratives and stories from the Scriptures, trauma theory and embodied ensoulment with the hope of redemption. This includes the acknowledgement of the… Continue reading

Empathy and Healing

Mark A. Tomski

Teresa M. Dean

Course # 6-A

Within a Jungian model, instructors will utilize a brief case study, exercises, and reflections to help participants expand their capacity for empathy and thereby their ability to embrace wholeness and health.… Continue reading

Understanding Living Soul

James Max Gossett

Course #: 9-A

Living Soul is both a personal practice and a measure of how we understand inner life. Depth of soul reveals itself through experience and creativity. The key to deep presence is the awakened heart.… Continue reading

Sexuality: Care of the Erotic Soul

Patricia Fawver

Course #: 10-A

Exploration of my core theoretical concepts from a sexological perspective translated into practical applications and techniques in practice of sex therapy. Erotic authenticity; integration & dis-integration of sexuality & spirituality; erotic nature; erotic reverence (sex… Continue reading