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Why Choose a Systems Therapist?

Whether you are looking for individual, couple, or family therapy, a systems-trained practitioner may be the best choice for you. You are invited to utilize our member database below to find the right therapist to fit your needs.

Systems therapists are unique because they are trained in both psychotherapy and systems therapy. This prepares them to work with clients in the context of the relational interactions that influence behavior.

FSTNW therapists may be marriage and family therapists (LMFT), mental health counselors (LMHC), social workers (LASW or LICSW), or psychologists. The important factor is that their training and experience allows them to work with clients from a relationship perspective.

Our database allows you to find therapists in your area that work with the particular settings and issues specific to your situation.

Please note: Inclusion in this directory is not and does not imply a referral, endorsement, or recommendation by FSTNW. Omission of any individual does not indicate FSTNW disapproval.