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Calendar of Events

October 2017

FSTNW is proud to partner with the Washington Pastoral Counselors Association to promote events for the good of our community. The following event is coordinated by WPCA. Find out more.

  • TransCare: A Therapeutic Approach to Help Transgendered Clients Transition to a Gender Congruent Life, October 21-22, 2017 in Seattle. 11 CEUs. Purpose: To teach a brief therapeutic process for helping transgender clients explore, clarify, and transition to a state of integration between internal gender identity & external life. Presenter: Patricia Fawver, PhD, is a Clinical Sexologist with an independent practice in Tacoma.

November 2017

Register: Meaningful Moments in Play Therapy featuring Rosie Newman on November 4, 2017 in Seattle.

  • 2 CEUs. A trained play therapist looks beyond the content of play behaviors to understand the meaning behind the child’s play through symbolism and metaphor. This presentation invites you into the play therapy room—and into the child’s world—through case examples and stories, while staying grounded in Child Centered Play Therapy theory.