Listserv Basics

Generally speaking, a listserv is an electronic group discussion. FSTNW hosts two listservs. Our FSTNW listserv (fstnw@listserv.fstnw.org) is for members only. FSTNW is also proud to host the listserv for the Healing Practitioners Alliance of Washington (community@listserv.fstnw.org).

There are many advantages to the listservs.

  1. You don’t have to set-up a Yahoo or Gmail account as you do for some listservs.
  2. You can access an archive of past messages without having to login or remember a password.
  3. Need help setting up or updating your account? The FSTNW office can add you directly to the listserv. We can also look-up the address of the email account you are using for the listserv and help you change it.
  4. Some listserv providers track users’ activity and share email addresses with third parties. The listserv provider FSTNW uses just delivers emails, plain and simple. It doesn’t harvest usage data or share or sell email addresses.
  5. Going on vacation and want to temporarily suspend listserv messages? You can do that easily. And don’t worry about your “out-of-office” auto reply; the listserv will filter those out automatically for you.

And if you are a FSTNW member, you can invite up to five of your colleagues who are not members to join the FSTNW listserv for free for one year.