Listserv Participation Policy

  • While the FSTNW Listserv is private, messages posted to it are not HIPAA compliant. Do not include information that could identify any patient or potential patient.
  • Honor copyrighted material. Please do not copy and paste articles in your message. Instead, include a link to them. If the article is not available online, refer to it with typical reference citations and provide a brief quote.
  • Be polite and courteous. Before hitting the send button, consider how you would feel if your message was the headline story in your hometown newspaper. We call this the New York Times test.
  • Observe antitrust concerns. FSTNW is a professional association and by its very nature is subject to antitrust issues. Discussions about rates charged, efforts to exert collective pressure on payors, terms of contracts with insurance companies, internship salaries, etc., all are prohibited.
  • Leave politics at the door. Listserv exchanges must avoid electioneering or endorsing a candidate for federal, state, or local political office. That said, advocacy on substantive issues is separate from electioneering for candidates. Electioneering is absolutely prohibited. Advocacy on legislative issues is allowed.