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Nutt, A. E. (2016, March 21). Beyond the catchphrase: The pain and intransigence of obsessive-compulsive disorder motivates researchers plumbing its depths. From The Washington Post

Recommended by FSTNW Member Katherine Yost, PhD, LMFT: Research in this article highlights some very promising studies that have used “glutamate modulating medications” already approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat OCD.  Some of these drugs are actually intended to treat Alzheimer’s, Sclerosis, Acne, cholera, and gonorrhea. “Serotonin has long been the diva of human brain chemicals and, along with dopamine, has hogged the spotlight as researchers looked for new psychiatric treatments. But recently, scientists turned their attention to the amino acid glutamate. Some think this other neurotransmitter could be one of the chief culprits in OCD” (Nutt, 2016). Find out more about groundbreaking research about OCD and how these medications may hold some real hope for treating the disorder.