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Childhood Vaccination Information

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You are just about to wrap up your last session in what has been a long, tiring week. Your practice or agency serves a diverse clientele, including the family in front of you. As they are discussing dates to reschedule, one parent happens to bring up the issue of measles vaccination.

They have refused to vaccinate their children, and, before you have a chance to say a word, they quickly run through the reasons for their refusal. You can see how adamant the parents are, and you don’t want to offend or alienate them.

However, you realize that, given the recent outbreak of measles in the fifth most populous county in Washington, as a family therapist and a public health professional, your response to this family could make an enormous difference, not just in their lives, but in the lives of many other families—including your own.

Read the Seattle Times article from April 13, 2019, for more information on this public health concern and what healthcare professionals, including family therapists, can do.

You can also watch a clip from KING5 News about vaccination rates in King County schools. The clips is from June 15, 2018, but is still informative.

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